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Wednesday Workshops

Sit with the other students whose usernames end in your number.

  • alpha01, beta01, gamma01
  • alpha02, beta02, gamma02
  • etc.

Hint: You may actually have to talk to classmates to figure out who is in your group!

Questions about Answers

  1. Are there other relevant readings, from this week or another, that could be enlisted to support the answer? Do all of the readings cited serve as good evidence? Could the answer point to more specific parts of the evidence to bolster claims?
  2. Is additional research needed to confirm claims or make claims more specific?
  3. Does the answer take into account the “point of view” of the readings cited?
  4. Is the strength of each claim calibrated to match the extent of the evidence?
  5. Does the paragraph directly answer the question at hand? (E.g., if the question is about change over time, is that what the answer is about? Or does the answer address something else—like causation—not contained in the question?)

Rewriting and Expanding Answers

Group Answer Group Answer
01’s alpha05 08’s beta07
02’s alpha06 09’s beta08
03’s alpha07 10’s gamma05
04’s alpha08 11’s gamma06
05’s alpha13 12’s gamma07
06’s beta05 13’s gamma08
07’s beta06

Discuss how the “answer” you’ve been assigned could be improved or expanded. Then log into the website and make edits directly on the paragraph. Don’t worry about overwriting or deleting parts of the existing answer; the original text will still be accessible later.